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Personalised Campaigns


Messaging made (truly) personal.

Say hello to true 1:1 personalisation at scale. Tailor your messaging to each individual and deliver contextually relevant language that resonates with every customer – every time.

Trusted content production at scale

Get ahead of yourself.

Generate and store tens of thousands of language variants, all enriched by detailed product information. So as customers engage with your brand, we help you to serve up contextually relevant content – based on interests and behaviours.

Sustained brand affinity

Win with every word.

Enhance your marketing messages with customer profile data. From age and location to engagement history, we tailor messaging around your customers’ unique qualities and characteristics. 

Expert language calibration

Tune to your brand voice.

Adapt messaging to match the unique tone preferences of each recipient. Direct? Curious? Playful? We ensure your messaging speaks to customers the way they like to be spoken to – while staying on-brand.

Built for the enterprise.

Secure access

Manage access and usage of your AI content with single sign-on (SSO) authentication, role-based permissions and a built-in approval process to fully vet your messaging before it reaches your customers.

Ethics and compliance

Our commitment to industry-leading data protection and privacy can be seen in our ISO 27001:2013 certification and strict adherence to all applicable data privacy laws and regulations.

Data and privacy

Safeguard your data with access to our enterprise-grade large language models (LLMs). We never allow LLMs to train on your data and our proprietary language generation isn’t LLM-dependent.


Expect unparalleled reliability, backed by our steadfast commitment to a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And rest easy knowing your operations will run without interruption.

“Jacquard has expanded our team’s mindset about what’s possible when it comes to optimising brand language for maximum reach and commercial impact.”

Brian Tyrrell Senior Director, Customer Strategy & Performance Marketing, Walgreens

Trusted by the worlds top marketers

Multi-channel distribution

We fit right in.

Be everywhere with resonant brand messaging, compatible across all major platforms and channels.

Ready to transform your messaging? 

See how our purpose-built tooling designed for scale can help your brand to resonate everywhere.

Personalisation Engine

Under the hood

Craft contextually relevant content at scale.

Our Personalisation Engine generates a content library of tens of thousands of message variants – based on multiple dimensions across your product catalogue, event data, and customer profile information. 

When messages are sent, we match relevant variants to a specific moment for individual customers. So each of your customers receives contextually relevant language that speaks directly to them. 

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Core Platform

Generate brand-safe messaging curated for optimal performance


Audience Optimisation

Run experiments, get insights and adapt messaging in real time


Personalised Campaigns

Tailor messaging to match individual customer contexts