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June 11, 2024
Creating customer-centric content and brand affinity with AI.
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According to Forrester, only 6% of enterprises could be called “customer obsessed”.

These organisations are truly operationalising the idea of putting customers at the centre of everything they do to build sustained brand affinity.

Their reward? 1.6 times faster revenue growth. 1.7 times higher profit growth than their non-obsessed counterparts. And an enviable 98% customer approval rate. How can you join this group?

Customer engaged.

Customer committed.

Customer obsessed? 

Most enterprises could claim to be one of the first two. But only 6% of enterprises could be called “customer obsessed”. So what makes them different? 

Let’s explore the pivotal role technology, content, and messaging play in cultivating a customer-obsessed culture and look at how businesses can harness the power of generative AI tools to make this happen. 

The Power of Generative AI.

Generative AI is a powerful and scalable tool that can augment human processes. Here are some practical ways it can help your company to become customer obsessed – and enjoy the benefits: 

  1. Personalised and customised experiences: Generative AI can analyse vast amounts of data to help you understand individual customer preferences and behaviours. This data-driven insight can be used to deliver personalised product recommendations, customised offers, and tailored messaging, creating a more engaging and relevant experience for your customers. 
  2. Content and messaging generation: Tools like Jacquard can generate content and messaging tailored to your brand and audience at speed and scale. That means up to 2,500 curated message variants for all major channels in 30 seconds – and a 94% likelihood of beating the human control without optimisation. (Over time, 100% of our optimised campaigns outperform the human control.)
  3. Predicting future behaviours: By analysing data, generative AI can predict future customer behaviours and preferences. This enables businesses to anticipate customer needs and interests, allowing for targeted and effective marketing campaigns. 
  4. Sentiment analysis: All of the above can help you understand how customers respond to your brand and how their sentiment changes over time, helping you make data-driven decisions.
  5. Ethical considerations: Finally, to build trust with your customers, you must ensure that you have an AI code of ethics in place.. Working with enterprise-grade tools like Jacquard can provide guardrails and workflow approvals to ensure ethical AI usage.

The role of content and messaging in customer obsession.

Customer-centricity is about prioritising the customer over the marketing channel. So a truly customer-obsessed business does whatever it takes to meet their customer with high-performing content, wherever they are.

Content like this is built on: 

  1. Cross-channel consistency: Ensure your content maintains a consistent brand tone and message across all major channels. Whether it’s email, in-app messaging, or social media, the customer should have a unified brand experience. 
  2. Personalised messaging: Deliver on-brand, diverse, safe, and optimised content that’s based on what’s proven to resonate with an audience or individual. Optimising content performance allows you to personalise and act on real-time data insights. 
  3. Efficient, scalable automation: Enhance productivity with generative AI-powered automation. Doing so allows teams to shift from mundane tasks to more strategic ones and drive better long-term results. 

Enterprise brands that take this approach recognise the need to build a culture of testing, optimisation, and measurement. They maximise engagement with new and existing customers by creating more personalised, effective, and automated content at speed and scale.

What does that look like in practice?

Jacquard works with Currys, one of our customers and a leading omnichannel retailer, to streamline content creation and drive customer engagement. We did this by enabling them to automate experimentation to identify the most effective email elements – including headlines, calls to action, and subject lines.

Starting your journey to customer obsession.

Operationalised customer obsession isn’t built overnight. But a few simple steps can soon lead to rewarding results and genuine brand affinity. Here’s our advice for businesses looking to begin the transformation: 

  1. Build a culture of testing and optimisation. Implementing a culture of experimentation enables you to measure the impact of each test and gather impactful insights from your data.
  2. Use data to inform strategy. Use the data you collect to inform decision-making and personalise strategies across different areas of your organisation. 
  3. Take a customer-first approach. Shift your organisation’s mindset to prioritise the customer in every decision and strategy. 

AI is a powerful ally in your quest to become customer-obsessed. It can be used to automate marketing content generation, ensure brand safety, and provide deep customer insights – and help you build lasting customer connections.

Ready to transform your messaging? 

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